Young Generation Loosing Interest in English Literature

When one would try to compare the older generation with the younger one, an obvious answer will come out – the generation of today have lose some sense of interest with things that the older people are into. Typically, the fashion down to the interests on literature and the arts of the younger generation indicates how things have changed a lot as one would read here.

Many things have distracted the young generations of today. Technology is one example which has diverted the attention of the people of young ages. Modern gadgets have come out in the market which has fascinated the young ones. And so, some subjects which are being offered in schools are being disregarded and are not given so much important as the attention of these people are now being caught in the realm of advancement, modernity, and technology.

English literature for one is a subject that is being offered in school which students would have to take yet their interest on the subject is really not much compared to the amazing applications which android tablets, cellular phones, iPad, PSP, and other gadgets offers. People are willing to do some cash advance in order to purchase modern gadgets and will not even think of buying books which will enhance their knowledge on English literature.

Students today are being mechanical as to the study of English literature. Unlike in the past where people would familiarize by heart all areas being covered by the subject matter. Today, people would know about Shakespeare and his works yet lost the touch and connection of those amazing part of the English literature as part of their life. Unlike cellulite removal which people today would invest to have it done, Shakespeare and other literary people’s work are being set aside.

People would study about English literature for a moment while they are taking the course but totally forgetting about it once it is over. People today have no sense of literary feeling since they are being clouded by their thought of things found in the internet that even quibids scam has become known to people. But when it comes to English literature, younger people would not have fuzz about it most of the time. Certificate info on different brands and packages of great things that are being offered by the worldwide web has attracted the attention of people yet English literature books and other writings have been dodged on the side to give way to the knowledge on different applications and icons being offered in the net.

Technology has taken its tool. Fascination on the things which modernity and technology have been offering is a great contributing factor to the fact that the younger generation do not care so much about English literature now. Reading good works of literary geniuses is not linger the “in” thing and people would tend not to mind if they know a lot of literary works and become inspired by them. As long as they are being connected to the world through its amazing technology, English literature is somehow nearing its death and the interest of people on it deteriorates.