MayDay 2012: Protests Throughout U.S.A.

In solidarity with other protestors throughout Europe and other parts of the world, Occupy May Day crowds thronged major cities throughout the US, causing disruptions, but not much violence. Around 50 protestors were arrested during the day. The full article for the ebevts, as they unfolded, can be read below.
For most students, rather than seek their Masters in education online, they preferred to join in the protests, aimed at raising awareness against unfair practices dictated by the financial practices in wake of the global recession.

The Occupy Wall Street movement, which initiated its campaign of protests some months ago, was also heavily involved in yesterday’s protests and promised that there was more to come.

The largest demonstration occurred in New York, the heart of the US financial industry. Thousands of people joined in and marched from Broadway to Wall Street in bright sunshine.

Blogs and commenters sites reported sporadic violence throughout California, where activists have recently stepped up their campaign of protests. Four arrests were made after youths dressed in black clothing (which has come to symbolise the image of violent protests worldwide) threw bricks and attacked police with long sticks. In San Francisco, for example, night-time riots a day before caused the destruction of cars and small shops.

There was also violence reported in Seattle which erupted after police dogs attacked and ravaged a great dane who was being taken for a walk by an elderly woman. The woman was left unscathed but the dog had to be put down. A veterinary technician, who was close by, administered the lethal dose. This sparked off a violent melee in which both police officers and protestors were injured, some of them seriously.
There were also reports of white powder, later believed to be corn starch, being sent in envelopes to major corporations in New York, who the protestors believe are compliant with authorities in relation to the global recession.

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The authorities, however, were adamant in their tough stance against the protests, and declared victory after learning that disruptions, as a whole, were minimal and had little impact on the cities involved.
The brutality of the Police, however, reared its ugly head once again, as protestors were pulled by their hair, thrown to the ground and manhandled, before being arrested. It is scenes like this that have enraged many people, who believe that there is no need for such brute force to confront peaceful protests.

The Police however have claimed that, on the contrary, they have evidence of violence being instigated by the protestors themselves and invited everyone to visit website belonging to the NYPD to judge for themselves.

The NYPD said in a statement, that they have video surveillance footage of the incidents.