Social Media: Cause of Decrement in Physical Interactions

The social media phenomenon is one of the most revolutionary things to have happened from the perspective of digital interactions. Consider; before the emergence of Facebook and Twitter, long-lost friends who have moved to far-away addresses would have remained separated from us. It’s not as if we can easily go there to meet them; travelling is expensive. Social media rendered all those problems obsolete because now we can talk to people near and far with just a few keystrokes on the keyboard.

But like every other major invention or phenomenon in the last 200 years, there is a downside to social media. Ironically enough, that downside is the claim that our ever increasing digital connectedness has led to the decrement of physical interactions. At the surface, it may feel like we are applying skin moisturizer to soothe our needs for contact. But the underlying reality says otherwise; now that we are talking to people behind computer screens and cellphone monitors, we have given up on the effort of physically connecting with the people important to us.

Before the arrival of Facebook and Twitter, relationships were nurtured the old-fashioned way through dinners, talks over coffee, reunions and get-togethers. We were not contented with sitting on the sidelines; we wanted to be a part of the action. In sports parlance, we were “canlı maç izle” simply because there was no other way.

Now, the convenience of Facebook and Twitter has made physical interactions an option rather than a necessity. Why would you be compelled to see a friend if you can message them via Twitter every hour of every day? As the thinking goes, doesn’t that qualify as caring and reaching out? If we can buy swtor credits and send them digitally, then there is no need to see them face-to-face unless it’s a truly important occasion.

The truth is that this convenience and accessibility has made us believe we are still doing the same things that good friends do except that this is actually not true anymore. In life, there are plenty of things that are best left unsaid. A hug, a kiss, a poignant eye contact, a pat on the back, a back-rub; these are things that trump all efforts to buy Kratom capsules for personal health because often, friends mean so much more than medicines. The comfort that a friend or loved one can provide physically is so much more meaningful than words that you type on a computer screen.

Even children suffer from the same, if not worse, fate. Now, kids who spend a lot of time in-front of the computer screen are missing out on the valuable lessons that can be learned by actually going out and making friends. Once that period has passed, you cannot bring it back again. You can’t turn back the time to make them experience what they ought to have experienced as kids. It’s not a PPI claim that you can always fall back to as Plan B.

So there are plenty of benefits with the explosion of social media but the decrement of physical interactions, the loss of the meaning of physical interactions in particular, is not one of it. The hope is that in the future, we become more responsible in using social media to enhance our relationships, not kick it to the curb. Until then, we are trapping ourselves behind the monitor, each keystroke bringing us farther from the relationships that make a difference. Surely, that’s not how we envision our social lives to become, right?