A Primer on Worldwide Mayday Holiday Celebrations

And whereas, it is the duty of nations as well as of men to own their dependence upon the overruling power of God, to confess their sins and transgressions in humble sorrow yet with assured hope that genuine repentance will lead to mercy and pardon, and to recognize the sublime truth, announced in the Holy Scriptures and proven by all history: that those nations only are blessed whose God is the Lord.

Abraham Lincoln, March 30, 1863

Proclamation appointing a National Day of Prayer and Fasting

May Day 2010 – A Cry to God for a Nation in Distress

When: May 1st 2010 – Starting at Sunrise
Where: The Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C.

Join with Christian leaders of all denominations who love God to humble ourselves, pray, seek the face of God, and turn from our wicked ways—individually and as a nation.

This event is not to impress the media or those in Washington, but to reach the heart of God. Publically repenting and crying out to God for His mercy instead of the judgment our many sins deserve.

“But He took note of their distress
when He heard their cry;
for their sake He remembered His covenant
and out of His great love He relented.”

–Psalm 106:44, 45

The Mayday holiday refers to a variety of festivals and gatherings that are celebrated on or around May 1, typically for cultural or political reasons. Today, the cultural and religious festivals are celebrated in many countries, most notably Great Britain, by dancing around the Maypole to herald the coming of spring fertility ushering in the season of summer and the growth of crops. The celebrations also involved a chosen May Queen who represents the goddess of fertility. Meanwhile, the political facet of the celebrations is observed as a public holiday in many countries commemorating the struggle and victory to implement the 8-hour work day for workers all around the world. This holiday is commonly referred to as Labor Day.

The history of the cultural celebrations of the Mayday festival is rich and vibrant. It dates back to ancient times where it featured heavily in many religions.

The Romans honored Flora, the goddess of flowers, every 1st of May by organizing a parade around their grandest cities. This tradition eventually became incorporated into Catholicism at the turn of the 5th century and to this day is still heavily celebrated in countries that are predominantly Catholic.
In other European cultures most notably those of Germanic origin, Mayday holiday is celebrated as heralding the arrival of spring and was called Walpurgis Night. It featured bonfires, torches and dancing and scheduled to happen exactly six months before Halloween. Today, some countries in Europe still schedule a massive party in a local park where people stay over for the night awaiting the arrival of the “first day of spring.”
For the Druids of the British Isles, the turn of May heralded the celebration of Gaelic Beltane and was used to depict the splitting of the year in half. The newly lit fires were thought to give energy to the young springtime sun and it was used as a time for blessing crops, newlyweds and new property to signify luck and good fortune.

In modern times, most of the public gatherings around the 1st of May have become political in nature and is popularly known as the International Workers’ Day or Labor Day. It is celebrated with parades, rallies, and worker strikes that serve to uphold the rights of the common worker when it comes to compensation, privileges, benefits, and fair working conditions. National and local labor organizations collectively gather in the streets to air their grievances towards government and company policies. One of the latest examples of organized labor movement on Mayday festival happened in May 1, 2006 in the United States when Latino Immigrant Labor Groups collectively marched to voice their displeasure over the immigration reform law which was under deliberation in Congress during that time.

In summary, the 1st of May will always hold significance in many communities as both political and cultural traditions intersect to give special importance to Mayday holiday as a day of unity, celebration, collective gathering, and bonding. May the gatherings continue to be that of a peaceful and joyous nature as cultures and countries work together to achieve the common good of both workers and religious followers alike. And in that sense, the Mayday holiday will always be a day of observance to something that is collectively greater than the sum of its parts; the common goal towards bettering human situations wherever they may be in the world.

A Brief Overview of Mayday

Mayday is the festival that is being celebrated at the beginning of the month of May of each year. Having traced itself to celebrations with paganistic origins, Mayday or the May Festival has lost connections in certain cultures but continues to exert a strong influence in others. Particularly in North America and Europe where ancient traditions continue to find root and have taken on more modern twists, the celebration of Mayday remains a much awaited date on the calendar and widely treated with wow gold respect and observance all throughout many counties.

To understand the evolution of Mayday from the ancient to the modern festival that it has become today, a little trip down history isle might be necessary. The popularity of the festival itself is traced to the full arrival of spring. To this many cultures annexed celebrations such as the Celtic Beltane and the Germanic Walpurgis. A common theme is also that of the “flower” festival when the bloom of colorful plants ushers in the arrival of spring. To the ancients, you can liken this moment to a Carlsbad therapist who eases your cares away.

In the countries that continue to celebrate a more ancient form of the festival, particularly in the English territories, rites and celebrations using the Maypole and other similar traditional artifacts continue to happen. The date is commonly proclaimed as a holiday so everyone can participate in the revelry of medieval lore. There’s a lot of singing, dancing, parades around town, and the more modern component of barbecue meals at sunrise. And because the tradition has been so deeply rooted much like a San Diego hardwood flooring installation, it is safe to say that the Mayday festival will continue to happen for many more years to come.

In other cultures, however, the 1st of May is declared a holiday for an altogether different reason. It is because the celebrations pertain to the International Worker’s Day or Labor Day. Whether these two different festivals originated out of the same historical background remains uncertain but for sure, it is not hard to find an empty office space or an idle software house during Mayday. In many countries, there are peaceful demonstrations upholding worker rights so much so that ironically enough, work grinds to a stop on Labor Day.

The history of the International Worker’s Day is one over the battle to win workers the right to an eight hour workday and nothing more unless compensated with extra pay. It is thought that the first Labor Day celebration had its roots in Australia in the mid 1850s and subsequently grew into many parts of the world. At first, it was a struggle akin to the pull up bars but as more and more workers banded to fight for their right, the tradition became instituted as a formal holiday to which we owe its history to this day.

In the present, the various forms of Mayday – whether labor-related or more ancient in origin – serve as a source of pride, strength, joy and is collectively considered as a moment of celebration. And because it is a holiday, people are given the freedom to dance in the park, honk their cars in protest, or simply put on their wetsuits for a day at the beach. Regardless, it has become an important affair for many, one that will not be forgotten nor disregarded for many more years.

And as with many great festivals where the best web hosting affairs contain a long list of celebratory and commemorative information, we are sure to get more out of Mayday in the future years a culture and political inclinations evolve. No doubt, the celebrations will not slim down like a dieter on HCG drops; there is every reason to hope that it will only grow bigger.

And because of that, we will always cherish the 1st day of May when everyone can just chill and celebrate Mayday.

What Is The Real MayDay?

The coming of a new vivid spring always brings to us tons of holidays we can enjoy: Mother’s Day, May Day, let’s face it – we’re as excited to know they’re approaching pretty much as we would be excited to hear that there was someone giving away a free cell phone to any passer-by wearing a red T-shirt out in the street. Days off, gifts, family reunions, picnics, parties, we’re all into it.

Speaking of May Day, we are going to shed the light on this particularly interesting holiday around the world; we are going to try to crayon its origins just like we would unfold some awesome dreamweaver templates and see the real source for a web site’s design. We are also going to put special emphasis on the American May Day and the means of celebration here.

May Day is a spring festival and it is also considered a public holiday all across the world; the end of the 19th century has transformed the holiday into the International Workers’ Day, also referred to as Labor Day. Certain political parties such as socialists or communists were imposing this holiday, but, in the past, May Day was actually being celebrated through hard work and no days off. Today, the tradition is for workers to receive a day off as a reward for their hard work during the entire year. During this day, most workers around the world usually sit in the sun and have barbecues, just like professional solar installers are sitting on a rooftop, doing their job. No business deals are usually being completed during the day, as most, if not all offices are closed. Also, drug rehab patients are usually visited by their loved ones and they go out for picnics together, taking advantage of the fact that the whole family can reunite.

To gain a better view on the way a normal Labor Day in America looks like, picture one individual sitting in one of those crazy inversiontables; in other words, pretty much everything is being turned upside down, no one goes to work – from any SEO San Antonio company to any New York law firm; no one does work around the house, no one stresses out about picking up dog toys off the floor and students organize all sorts of crazy festivals around their campuses.

Therefore, May Day is highly appreciated all across the American soil, just like an Xbox 360 hard drive of 360 GB is being highly appreciated by any connoisseur. There are different ways of celebrating May Day in the U.S., and most regions are quick to bring together a pagan and a labor tradition – Green Root and Red Root. Parades such as the May Day Parade and Pageant have an extremely rich history and they manage to gather tens of thousands of people every year – picture a lawn full of used cars Las Vegas based, but instead of cars, imagine there were Americans celebrating Labor Day.

Mayday and similar holidays

Illvminati Mayday 2012

May Day holidays have become popular world wide. The international workers day commonly known as Labor Day is celebrated by many nations. This is just like penny auctions selling things at throw away prices to a well able community. This holiday is mostly celebrated on the first day of the month of May. Reviewing May Day holidays is just like conducting HCG diet reviews or poufs companies.

The May Day is closely related to the Celtic festivals of Beltane and German. Germany holds this day with high regard as a memory of the 1929 commonly known as the ‘bloody may’. This is the period in which the then ruling party- Berlin the ruling social Democratic party had illegalized the workers demonstrations; this happened while the Kommunistische Partei Deutschlands called for the demonstrations. These are just like umbrella companies. The resultant was a bloody may day. This is just like breaking home alarm systems of both Motorola mobile battery companies, and coach hire companies which will attract trouble.

Other holidays in May are the bank holidays which are held on 3rd may in England and Wales, 2nd may in Scotland and 7th may in the Northern Ireland. These are commonly known as early may Bank Holidays. The children also have a May Day holiday in America and the United Kingdom. Although this holiday is not celebrated with much enthusiasm in the United States, it has a long tradition in the United Kingdom. The celebrations are composed of singing and dancing around the maypole, tied with variety of colorful ribbons or other things like the streamers. The children get to choose the may queen and also hang the May baskets on the doorknobs of he folks.

Mothers Day is celebrated on the second day in the month of May by Germany, Australia, and the United States. Other countries celebrate this day at different times of the year. Walpurgis is celebrated on the eve of May and has been mostly compared to the Halloween holiday. These are both spiritual in nature although they are organized by pagans. Bonfires are lit during this season. This holiday is mostly celebrated in Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, and Germany. This irony of this ceremony is the fact that it originated with saint Walburga who was born in 710 in England.
Jamaica cerebrates May 24th as the Empire Day as the day of honoring Queen Victoria and her setting free of slaves in the country. In the Great Britain, May Day holidays include Morris dancing, crowning a May Queen. It is also associated with many urban areas as well as villages cerebrating springtime fertility. These are just like ecommerce web design companies that have great web designers celebrating the coming of new design software that can help to easily compare logbook loans online!

Previous Mayday Festivals

Maydays is one of the festivals celebrated today that traces its roots to many other celebrations in history. While it is not as grandiose and as recognized as the twinkle Christmas lights during December, it is widely celebrated by many countries and cultures who continue to recognize the significance of May 1 as a date on the calendar.

The most notable historical precedence of Mayday is traced to the Germanic Walpurgis Night and the Beltane festival in Celtic lore. These festivals are celebrated as a mirror opposite of Halloween which comes exactly 6 months after Mayday. In historical calendar terms, the Mayday festival is celebrated to denote the arrival of spring and the end of winter in the Northern Hemisphere and therefore was a big moment for many cultures. Whatever was the equivalent of the mesothelioma lawyer or the property management York specialist in those times, they knew that the changing of the seasons from winter to spring brought forth the potential for new businesses and a send-off to the old, cold sights of winter.

Another popular precedent to mayday was the festival of the Flora which up to today still permeates Roman Catholic religious culture. In the old times, Flora was the Roman goddess of flowers and the bearer of spring. Today, Roman Catholics recognize the month of May as the month of flowers and celebrate it with flower offerings to Mary, mother of Christ. Any Helen Pastorino would be able to associate the two festivals as close synonyms of the other and as such continues to be a reflection of the Mayday celebrations from Roman times up to today.

All of these paved the way for the Mayday festival that we see today from a cultural and social point of view. These celebrations highlighted the reconciliação of the old and new cultures, a marrying of what was and what is. Both socio-cultural and religious aspects of the festival continue to permeate modern society in ways that have made it an essential aspect of life and one that will continue to grow in years to come.

Consequently, other precedents to the Mayday festival had their roots in the struggle for labor rights, the fight for salary scales, and the championing of remodeling estimates towards recognition of the labor union cause. In many countries today, May 1 is celebrated as Labor Day and is a reflection of the efforts done years before to implement the 8-hour workday, the right to unionize, and the right to assembly to uplift worker’s rights. In this regard, Mayday is recognized as the International Worker’s Day and today remains to be a rallying point for many who still believe that labor rights are not adequately upheld and that pay is still not fairly administered.

Through all of this, it is always guaranteed that May 1 will be celebrated, in one way or another, in various cultures. It remains to be the anti-thesis to immobilier movements, a stirring symbolism of the right to gather and recognize the historical and the current plight of cultures and societies. It transcends the modest issues the depuy hip recall and the truism of the Meladerm review.

And all of these are possible because of previous Mayday festivals that have set the precedence for what is happening today. On May 1, we all look back at history as a mirror for what is happening in the present. And in that we rally, we celebrate, we protest, and we rejoice towards common causes of socio-cultural, religious, and labor origin that remain important to the common man.

Upcoming MayDay Activities For 2012

If you are looking forward for this year’s May Day and you are truly looking to make the most out of it, we are here to offer you the hand you need. And because celebrating MayDay is always tons of fun, you needn’t expect to experience the same degree of stress you might be feeling while trying to figure out how to make a PPI calculator work or where to find the best htc unlock code online. Whether you are part of an online family nurse practitioner programs or if you are the owner of a master in accounting, you should rest assured that you shall be quickly able to find the very best May Day activities that are going to perfectly suit your needs and fit your schedules.

First of all, this year’s May Day activities could be focusing on creating some powerful bonds with friends and neighbors, and while hanging around and trying to find the perfect scrabble word finder and show them your Scrabble skills next time you play, creating or personally crafting the nicest May Day basket for your close friends and neighbors should not even come close to the things you shall get to feel and experience. Also, using your imaginations and skills in order to create the nicest 2012 May Day basket filled with flowers won’t be requiring a great deal of talent; at least, you are not going to have to make similar efforts as you might be forced to make while opting for the very best online masters degree programs for your superior education purposes and needs. But you are going to have to show full use of your imagination, love and care for beautiful things and make this year’s May Day an unforgettable one. Tradition says that creating a nice spring flowers’ basket and placing it on your neighbor’s doorstep without he or she seeing you do that. If the opposite happens, you should get a kiss.

Another great May Day activity you could be opting for in 2012 refers to nicely decorating a pole with the help of some amazing colored ribbons, flowers and balloons and carrying this special pole during the official local May Day parade in the town, area or city you live in. you might be also expected to start dancing around the same pole while you are keeping the ends of the streamers in your hands. Thinking about the kind of ribbon you would like to make for you or the family should not pose any difficulties to you, as crafting such a pole is not exactly rocket science, nor does it resemble having to calculate your electricity rates for the upcoming 6 months for your company or choosing the very best mpa programs. If you are forced to buy hersolution form an online shop in order to resolve your personal problems, you could be taking advantage of a day off on May Day and sitting at home, relaxing and having a nice time with your loved ones.

2012 MayDay Activities

2012 ‘May Day’ Protests From Coast to Coast!!!

MayDay happenings in NYC!

MayDay 2012: Protests Throughout U.S.A.

In solidarity with other protestors throughout Europe and other parts of the world, Occupy May Day crowds thronged major cities throughout the US, causing disruptions, but not much violence. Around 50 protestors were arrested during the day. The full article for the ebevts, as they unfolded, can be read below.
For most students, rather than seek their Masters in education online, they preferred to join in the protests, aimed at raising awareness against unfair practices dictated by the financial practices in wake of the global recession.

The Occupy Wall Street movement, which initiated its campaign of protests some months ago, was also heavily involved in yesterday’s protests and promised that there was more to come.

The largest demonstration occurred in New York, the heart of the US financial industry. Thousands of people joined in and marched from Broadway to Wall Street in bright sunshine.

Blogs and commenters sites reported sporadic violence throughout California, where activists have recently stepped up their campaign of protests. Four arrests were made after youths dressed in black clothing (which has come to symbolise the image of violent protests worldwide) threw bricks and attacked police with long sticks. In San Francisco, for example, night-time riots a day before caused the destruction of cars and small shops.

There was also violence reported in Seattle which erupted after police dogs attacked and ravaged a great dane who was being taken for a walk by an elderly woman. The woman was left unscathed but the dog had to be put down. A veterinary technician, who was close by, administered the lethal dose. This sparked off a violent melee in which both police officers and protestors were injured, some of them seriously.
There were also reports of white powder, later believed to be corn starch, being sent in envelopes to major corporations in New York, who the protestors believe are compliant with authorities in relation to the global recession.

The authorities, however, were adamant in their tough stance against the protests, and declared victory after learning that disruptions, as a whole, were minimal and had little impact on the cities involved.
The brutality of the Police, however, reared its ugly head once again, as protestors were pulled by their hair, thrown to the ground and manhandled, before being arrested. It is scenes like this that have enraged many people, who believe that there is no need for such brute force to confront peaceful protests.

The Police however have claimed that, on the contrary, they have evidence of violence being instigated by the protestors themselves and invited everyone to visit website belonging to the NYPD to judge for themselves.

The NYPD said in a statement, that they have video surveillance footage of the incidents.

MayDay 2012 in Montreal
How Technology Is the Driving Factor of Political Revolutions

In recent months, the news over political revolutions erupting in various parts of the world has caught the interest of not just political experts but the collective masses at large. One could say this may be because people have become fed up with old forms of government and political leaders sitting unchecked for decades. However, an equally telling perspective to all these mass uprisings is the role that technology plays in raising the political interest of citizens, not to mention its power to mobilize people. Akin to the explosion of Melaleuca fireworks, this perspective is well worth examining given the role that it purportedly plays in the Middle East and in other countries world wide.

The obvious thing to examine, first and foremost, is the role of technology in information dissemination. Going here, it’s hard to get passed the role that the internet plays in stirring up public consciousness towards the relevant issues. Before the advent of the internet, finding perspective on various issues was like pulling teeth especially in countries where information is tightly controlled by oppressive, dictatorial regimes.

Today, one can visit website from virtually anywhere in the globe. Facebook, for example, is an excellent platform for sharing information. You can start here and before long, you’ll find yourself reading somebody else’s blog. The interconnectivity cuts through all spectrum of information dissemination allowing everyone to get the message almost instantaneously. Today, there’s no more waiting; you do not have to sit on a plane if you plan to explore or try out South Africa travel; a few clicks here and there and you’re looking at the best that South Africa has to offer.

And then, there’s social media. Facebook and Twitter are primary driving factors in that they not only simplify information sharing, but also empower everyone to participate in the discussion. Facebook and Twitter are excellent sounding boards for personal opinion. Before long, everyone is part of the discussion and people are talking about all things important to them.

But perhaps the most pressing indicator of how technology is becoming a driving factor in political revolutions is that it simplifies information dissemination, something that we have touched prior but not fully expounded on. A virtual phone service, for example, allows you to send text messages to hundreds of friends regarding rally schedules. Twitter and Facebook does the same thing. Before, you’d have to rely on word-of-mouth to get people to come to an event. Today, a mere text or Facebook status reaches a very wide audience. In a few hours, you can mobilize an entire city to participate in a protest.

There is no doubt that technology is becoming a very powerful driving factor for the rise of political revolutions. It is empowering citizens to air out their concerns, to gather in masses to protest their ails and to give them a voice where they would have otherwise been drowned out or suppressed. It is a very powerful medium for overcoming apathy, getting the message across, and inviting everyone to take arms. Without it, there would have been lesser political upheavals in the world. You can very well say the rise of technology is the death of dictatorships. Now, isn’t that a well-received message that’s worthy of all commendation?

Young Generation Loosing Interest in English Literature

When one would try to compare the older generation with the younger one, an obvious answer will come out – the generation of today have lose some sense of interest with things that the older people are into. Typically, the fashion down to the interests on literature and the arts of the younger generation indicates how things have changed a lot as one would read here.

Many things have distracted the young generations of today. Technology is one example which has diverted the attention of the people of young ages. Modern gadgets have come out in the market which has fascinated the young ones. And so, some subjects which are being offered in schools are being disregarded and are not given so much important as the attention of these people are now being caught in the realm of advancement, modernity, and technology.

English literature for one is a subject that is being offered in school which students would have to take yet their interest on the subject is really not much compared to the amazing applications which android tablets, cellular phones, iPad, PSP, and other gadgets offers. People are willing to do some cash advance in order to purchase modern gadgets and will not even think of buying books which will enhance their knowledge on English literature.

Students today are being mechanical as to the study of English literature. Unlike in the past where people would familiarize by heart all areas being covered by the subject matter. Today, people would know about Shakespeare and his works yet lost the touch and connection of those amazing part of the English literature as part of their life. Unlike cellulite removal which people today would invest to have it done, Shakespeare and other literary people’s work are being set aside.

People would study about English literature for a moment while they are taking the course but totally forgetting about it once it is over. People today have no sense of literary feeling since they are being clouded by their thought of things found in the internet that even quibids scam has become known to people. But when it comes to English literature, younger people would not have fuzz about it most of the time. Certificate info on different brands and packages of great things that are being offered by the worldwide web has attracted the attention of people yet English literature books and other writings have been dodged on the side to give way to the knowledge on different applications and icons being offered in the net.

Technology has taken its tool. Fascination on the things which modernity and technology have been offering is a great contributing factor to the fact that the younger generation do not care so much about English literature now. Reading good works of literary geniuses is not linger the “in” thing and people would tend not to mind if they know a lot of literary works and become inspired by them. As long as they are being connected to the world through its amazing technology, English literature is somehow nearing its death and the interest of people on it deteriorates.

Unique trends of Celebrating Mayday in Different Countries

1st of May, often more frequently known as Mayday is an ancient spring festival in the Northern Hemisphere. It is usually a national holiday in several countries around the world. Many countries also consider it as a traditional spring holiday. Every culture has its own way of celebrating festivals due to different origins, religions, nature and belief. This festival is known to have its origins in the pre-Christian era along with Roman festival of flowers, Walpurgis Night of the Germans and the Beltane celebrations of the Gaelic countries. However, following the industrial revolution since the 19th century the term Mayday is now more precisely known as Labour Day or International worker’s Day. It has its origins from the “Eight-hour day Movement” according to which every labour is entitled to have eight hours of work, eight hours of recreation and eight hours of rest. This article is an attempt to put forward a brief note on how this festival is celebrated in different countries.

USA- Mayday or Loyalty Day

Mayday is also known as Labours Day in America. It was first observed in 1921 and was called the ‘Americanisation Day’. On this day the Americans show their allegiance and love for their country by staging appropriate ceremonies in schools and other public places. Music shows are one of the most commonly seen programs which make use of musical instruments like fender telecaster, Casio’s, drums among the others. South beach smoke of Miami is another common feature of this festival in the United States.

Scotland and Ireland

Mayday celebrations in these two countries follow the typical Beltane- Celtic calendar. It is a feast that they celebrate to mark the beginning of summer. The most common feature of the celebrations includes the Bonfire and they enjoy it to the fullest.Among the other features, driving cattle between two fires and lighting models or images of witches are popular.


In Germany it is celebrated as the ‘Walpurgisnacht’ as a homage to St.Boniface who brought Christianity to Germany in 8th century. This festival coincides with the already existing pagan festival in Germany. The activities include bonfires, burning of foto canvas of the witches, partying and fun almost through the entire night.

United Kingdom

It was known as ‘going a – maying’ in the medieval era. Though the old traditions have disappeared these days, if you are lucky you may still find Maypole – decorated with ribbons, flowers, greenery with beautiful colours painted over it. This serves the focus point of celebrations and the tradition includes people dancing around the pole. You may even find several children play games around the pole. In the olden days jumping off the Magdalen Bridge into the River Cherwell was also among the rituals however, it is banned due to serious injuries caused in the past.

The Maydayrun is another common feature of the festival which involves thousands of motorbikes and car’s taking an 89km trip from Locksbottom to the Hastings, East Sussex. This event has been taking place for 30years now and the interest keeps growing. Though the event is not officially organised it sees the presence of police to manage traffic, volunteers to manage parking and car accident attorney.

Mayday 2013: Yet To Come

With the arrival of 2013 comes anticipation for the Mayday festival in May. Sure, the Mayday festival no longer elicits the same response and following like it used to. It’s no longer the bulging discs that you can’t bear not think about. It has become diluted to some extent. Gone are the old reasons we use to celebrate Mayday festival. And yet it remains to be a potent attraction in many circles. There are still people who treasure Mayday for all the right reasons, and even for those who celebrate it for the heck of it, it is still a festival to behold.

Mayday 2013 is yet to come but the plans for a big bang this year are already underway. Just check out the schedules laid out from some of the most popular Mayday destinations worldwide and you now it’s still as popular as movie trailers online.

  • In Dortmund, Germany where Mayday festival is one of the most important days on the calendar, an estimated 25,000 people are expected to descent to Dortmund on April 27-28 for 15-hours of rave parties and concerts. It’s widely honored as the Mother of all Raves, attracting DJs from far and wide who come to Germany to offer music of all genres – electro, trance, techno, hip-hop, pop, hard dance and many others. This is like blogging for kids; it’s utterly ubiquitous and hard to miss.
  • In the US, in Powderhorn Park, South Minneapolis, the Mayday Parade comes alive on May 5, 2013. It’s a known festival of fancy not different from the allures of the Mardi Gras in New Orleans. People party, dance, and parade their stuff to music, fun, and celebration that is not only iconic but also inspiring. With more than 30,000 people expected to attend the parade, it’s a can’t-miss event for the party faithful in the United States.
  • In the UK, Mayday celebrations will also be held on May 5, 2013 and will he headlined by musicians from all over the world. The scene is particularly vibrant in Ipswich, Suffolk, England where Mayday celebrations have been going on for decades rivaling the allures of florists Victoria BC in Canada. This celebration features a more quant and local crowd but the spirit of Mayday remains ever present in these community gatherings.
  • Elsewhere, many countries worldwide are also expected to celebrate the International Day of Labor on May 1, 2013. This has evolved to be a political expression of the Mayday tradition going back into the late 1950s and 1960s where laborers begun to recognize their rights and clamored for more benefits beyond just access to a PPI calculator. These people may not be partying hard as in traditional Mayday celebrations but you can be confident that people will take to the streets to honor their right to fair labor practices worldwide.

Mayday celebrations are both soothing and festive, a coconut for hair metaphor which allows people to carry the traditions of old into the present, give it a new twist, and still carry on the partying and merrymaking that is a big part of history. If you have yet to enjoy Mayday celebrations, find one that’s close to you and clear your calendar for a day of music, singing and dancing that only celebrations in May can offer.

Social Media: Cause of Decrement in Physical Interactions

The social media phenomenon is one of the most revolutionary things to have happened from the perspective of digital interactions. Consider; before the emergence of Facebook and Twitter, long-lost friends who have moved to far-away addresses would have remained separated from us. It’s not as if we can easily go there to meet them; travelling is expensive. Social media rendered all those problems obsolete because now we can talk to people near and far with just a few keystrokes on the keyboard.

But like every other major invention or phenomenon in the last 200 years, there is a downside to social media. Ironically enough, that downside is the claim that our ever increasing digital contentedness has led to the decrements of physical interactions. At the surface, it may feel like we are applying skin moisturizer to soothe our needs for contact. But the underlying reality says otherwise; now that we are talking to people behind computer screens and cellphone monitors, we have given up on the effort of physically connecting with the people important to us.

Before the arrival of Facebook and Twitter, relationships were nurtured the old-fashioned way through dinners, talks over coffee, reunions and get-togethers. We were not contented with sitting on the sidelines; we wanted to be a part of the action. In sports parlance, we were “canlı maç izle” simply because there was no other way.

Now, the convenience of Facebook and Twitter has made physical interactions an option rather than a necessity. Why would you be compelled to see a friend if you can message them via Twitter every hour of every day? As the thinking goes, doesn’t that qualify as caring and reaching out? If we can buy swtor credits and send them digitally, then there is no need to see them face-to-face unless it’s a truly important occasion.

The truth is that this convenience and accessibility has made us believe we are still doing the same things that good friends do except that this is actually not true anymore. In life, there are plenty of things that are best left unsaid. A hug, a kiss, a poignant eye contact, a pat on the back, a back-rub; these are things that trump all efforts to buy Kratom capsules for personal health because often, friends mean so much more than medicines. The comfort that a friend or loved one can provide physically is so much more meaningful than words that you type on a computer screen.

Even children suffer from the same, if not worse, fate. Now, kids who spend a lot of time in-front of the computer screen are missing out on the valuable lessons that can be learned by actually going out and making friends. Once that period has passed, you cannot bring it back again. You can’t turn back the time to make them experience what they ought to have experienced as kids. It’s not a PPI claim that you can always fall back to as Plan B.

So there are plenty of benefits with the explosion of social media but the decrement of physical interactions, the loss of the meaning of physical interactions in particular, is not one of it. The hope is that in the future, we become more responsible in using social media to enhance our relationships, not kick it to the curb. Until then, we are trapping ourselves behind the monitor, each keystroke bringing us farther from the relationships that make a difference. Surely, that’s not how we envision our social lives tobecome, right?

What is the purpose of Celebrating May Day?

May is a month of spring in the Northern Hemisphere or summer in Europe. On the other hand, it’s a month of autumn in the Southern Hemisphere. May is full of colorful festivities. One celebration that is common to Europe, North America, and Oceania is the May Day. What could be the purpose why these countries celebrate May Day?

May Day, which is celebrated on May 1st, is an ancient spring festival in the Northern Hemisphere. Many countries also commemorate on May 1st the International Workers’ Day which is also referred to as “May Day.” May 1st is a public holiday in several countries where Labor Day is observed. It is a day set aside to give importance to all laborers around the world. Even writers who make Dentist Reviews are included.

May Day is associated with Beltane, a pagan Celtic festival, and Walpurgis Night, a traditional Germanic spring festival. Both festivals are observed from April 30th to May 1st. The festival of Flora, the Roman goddess of flowers, is the earliest known May Day celebration in the pre-Christian history. Although May Day has traditionally been an event for people to have noisy merriment, it is nonetheless very popular.

The ancient May Day rituals customarily signified the transition from winter to summer. In some countries, May 1st is the first day of summer. The rituals involved offering of flowers, building of bonfires, playing folk music, singing, and dancing. Of course, a feast wouldn’t be complete without some sumptuous food for the people to partake with.

The Christianization of Europe caused the people to abandon their ancient but pagan beliefs and rituals. Many rituals, which were believed to be intrinsically good and beneficial to the unity of the people, were Christianized. A significant Christianization of May Day happened in Germany where May 1st was used to give honor to St. Walburga, who is given credit of introducing Christianity to Germany. Thus, the current festival is named Walpurgis Night.

In Europe, May Day is observed in Great Britain, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Bulgaria, Romania, and Sweden. Dancing is popular during May Day. For instance, Great Britain has Morris dancing while Germany has May pole dancing. It has also been the custom to crown a May Queen in Great Britain.

Immigrants to North America brought their May Day customs and traditions with them. As a result, May Day can be seen celebrated in different parts of Canada, the United States, and Hawaii. Children and adults alike can be seen dancing around May poles during May Day. May Day has even reached the Northern Territory of Australia where it is celebrated as a public holiday.

In this modern age of the Internet and mobile devices, people still cling to ancient traditions and practices that have stood the test of time. May Day is a time for people to celebrate life and unity. That’s why it is still celebrated up to now. To get more information on May Day, do a visit site at Wikipedia.org.

May Day 2013: Eye-catching images from protests around the world

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